Faune's Space

4 years ago

feeling: dead
weather: 🌥

Everyone said orientation would be tough and I thought they meant the work itself. We have to take classes on how to sit, stand, eat, talk, reply, stare and none of that includes the hours at the gym. Three new girls already had their contracts terminated, just like that.

I don't want to go home. I have to prove I belong here.

4 years ago

feeling: thoughtful
weather: 🌦

Met up with Bren today and got boba. She's thinking about retiring!!! Five years in and she made that much money... I wonder if I can do it in three. I don't know what I'd do after though. Can't long distance anymore so that's out of the question unless I smuggled myself out in cargo (no thanks)! Doubt I'd get very far without being miserable for it. I'd miss Est and the others wayyy too much.

I guess there's things I want for myself. Careers. Opportunities. I try not to think about that, it makes me a little sad and I hate wallowing. Once I start I don't stop and I don't have time for that! Life's good right now.

4 years ago

feeling: sleepy
weather: 🌫

I know we're supposed to take pride in our borough but between the desal plants and sea wall, you have to sleep with earplugs in.