Known as the 'libertine' borough of Amaurot, Achora boasts lax drug laws and legalized sex work — if you're buying from a company, that is. Drugs are largely synthetic productions from pharmacutical companies and the sex workers only work if they're managed by an agency.

Four years ago, Faune Kapetanovic began working for one such agency under the name of 'Fable.' Within the year, she disappeared.


Details about Sol Galvus' origins are few and far between. He seems to have emerged on the fringes of the Amaurotine underworld, only to carve out a place for himself in five years time. Power doesn't come easy in this city and Galvus' bloody reputation reflects his brutal tactics.

Gang members (referred to only as 'associates of the Galvus family') can be identified by the linked symbols found on the back of the neck. Those previously incarcerated have barbed wire tattoos on the left hand. The gang is assumed to use more symbols associated with rank and deeds, but the knowledge is carefully guarded under otherwise professional dress.